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Ttamu Ministries Uganda was started by Mubiru Boaz in 2011. What started out small has developed by the power of the Holy Spirit into a ministry encompassing a network of a Bible school, children's homes (orphanage), primary education, medical assistance, constant evangelistic outreaches, farming and much more.

In July 2010, the founder, Mubiru Boaz, went through the agony of losing one of his parents and other relatives because of HIV/AIDS. While he was still young, he felt God’s calling of doing His work and serving Him through this orphanage ministry whereby he could help other children who are motherless and fatherless.  He had been disturbed by the plight of many children in his community of Mityana, Uganda, who had been neglected or abandoned and had no one and nowhere to turn to for help. So he created a space in their home to share what we had with the orphaned children there in his community. He couldn't bear to see children suffer after losing parents but would accommodate and live with them. This is where he stepped out in faith to minister to the needs of the orphans, vulnerable children and families in his community. He had nothing but a small house where he started with five orphans who had been abandoned by their guardians. God has used him to bring a smile and new opportunities to hundreds of children in his community.

Since Ttamu Ministries Uganda started in 2011 to shelter and educate children, it has undergone huge transformation in all areas. It has increased the number of children it accommodates and made improvements in the school facilities as well as local initiatives designed to generate income and ensure a sustainable
future for the ministry.

The goals of Ttamu Ministries Uganda were both immediate and long term. Immediately, Ttamu began providing a home to children in need of a loving
environment that could care for their individual needs. However, the laborious work would be in the long term. Changing the stigma of orphans in Uganda,
resettling street children with their families for adoption or in orphanages, and promoting the idea of foster care to the communities are things that Ttamu continues to work tirelessly to do. Throughout the years, it has become the top priority of Ttamu Ministries to focus on equipping families who have children who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Today, our Community Care Program provides education, medical assistance, therapy, and counseling to these families throughout our region.

Ttamu Ministries Uganda has grown into a robust ministry serving over 50 children living with HIV/AIDS through our residential, community and education programs. Our core values will continue to guide our programs as we work towards accomplishing our mission.

Our ultimate aim is to transform these children into responsible adults who can provide for themselves.


Challenges Anchor

In Africa and Uganda in particular, we have a lot of challenges including standards of living, poverty, illiteracy, lack of career training, injustices, increased number of orphans due to HIV/AIDS spread in the country, other diseases such as malaria and typhoid, limited space, shortage of basic needs, poor education and so many others.

We also have programs for the orphans and community people to teach them to love God more and to trust in Jesus Christ. We have Sunday school programs and Bible studies during the weekends so that our children will be well versed in Biblical understanding. The biggest problems we face are feeding the children and the high rent fees for the accommodations for our orphans to have shelter.

Ttamu Ministries Uganda needs help in successfully addressing these challenges and simply cannot do this without donors. Donations can be one-time gifts or monthly recurring gifts. A small portion of your donation covers the cost of fund transfers to the ministry and 100% of the transferred amount is used to meet the needs of the children in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Child sponsorship enables you as an individual to personally invest in the life of an orphaned or needy child in Africa by making a long term financial

commitment of $50 per child and per month.

  • A sponsored child will receive school fees, school uniforms and school supplies until they have completed their high school education.

  • Sponsorship provides medical care for your sponsored child because children die of simple diseases such as malaria or HIV/AIDS everyday, this basic
    health care can save lives at a small cost. Ttamu also provides education to them about hygiene and basic health for their children.

  • In some cases, Ttamu provides basic necessities such as clothing and shoes, blankets, food and some basic toiletries.

Ttamu Ministries Uganda kindly requests your help and donations so that we can continue moving forward smoothly with our ministry of helping the needy and orphans. We also welcome mission trips here at the orphanage ministry in Mityana, Uganda.


Objectives Anchor
  • To teach the orphans about Jesus Christ and lead them to accept/recognize Him as their Lord and Savior

  • To provide health care to vulnerable orphans

  • To provide education to vulnerable orphans

  • To provide empowerment projects to people in need

  • To provide psycho-social counseling to orphans and victims of the war - especially those from the Northern part of Uganda

  • To provide orphans with a safe, hygienic and family-friendly environment for their physical and spiritual development

  • To create a loving and caring environment in which the orphans and abandoned children can feel loved and cared for

  • To provide free education to the children through local schools, free food on a daily basis, clothes, medical care and other needs.

  • To reach out to all the poor and abandoned in our communities

Our ultimate aim is to transform these children into responsible adults who can provide for themselves.


Self-Sustainability Anchor

We are growing our own food! We are starting small by raising chickens, but we believe in the importance of self-sustainability. We are growing our own food and produce to feed our children and are teaching them these important skills. With chickens, pigs, cows and crops, we love our self-sustainable projects!

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