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The Mission

The mission of Ttamu Ministries Uganda is to value the dignity and worth of each person by improving the quality of life of children living with special needs in Uganda through three core programs:

Residential Care, Community Care Outreach,

and Special Education.

We exist to raise the next generation of African leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each one becomes a responsible Christian and a productive citizen.

We are committed to the wise stewardship of every donation we receive and are incredibly grateful for your partnership in our mission. Join us in improving the quality of life for children who have HIV/AIDS in

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Ttamu Ministries Uganda!

Learn more about how Ttamu Ministries Uganda began and about how we hope to continue serving our community in the future.

The Vision

In Luganda (one of the local languages in Uganda), Ttamu means "a village
where people died of HIV/AIDS in Mityana where most were found!" By showing
God's grace to children in Uganda living with or infected and affected by 
HIV/AIDS, they will be celebrated and seen as fearfully and wonderfully made. We believe in the worth and dignity of all human beings. We work alongside caring and dedicated members of the local community to lead the way to end discrimination towards children and adults living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. We envision a Uganda where each child grows up in a loving situation despite his or her needs. We boldly dream of the day where differences are celebrated, no more children need to be institutionalized, and all those living with or infected and affected with HIV are given the unconditional love and support they need. Today, we stand in the gap and come alongside children to care, to serve, to educate, to listen, to empower, and to love.


We have been blessed to take care of many "street kids" and orphans and now many are thriving academically... performing well due to our support and
spiritual guidance. We are also finding that some of them are very good at preaching the Gospel.

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